CBD Oil For Sleep – Insomnia In The UK

CBD is emerging as the favourite for many people. From chronic pain to cancer, several people use hemp oil for the variety of benefits it offers. But, CBD oil for sleep? Some studies suggest that hemp oil works to make you alert rather than sleepy. However, hundreds of thousands if not millions use it to get rid of several ailments.

In the UK alone, the number of people using CBD has doubled to 250,000 in 2017. So, let’s find out if it’s a good idea to use CBD oil for sleep.

What Exactly Is CBD?

Before getting to the facts, it’s important to understand what hemp oil is in the first place. CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Although it’s not yet legal to extract cannabidiol from cannabis plants high in THC, it is extracted from organically-grown hemp that is perfectly legal and safe to use.

Hemp oil is considered one of the most important and active ingredients found in medical cannabis. Among several cannabinoids found in the plant, CBD is the most famous. Another cannabinoid – THC – is also well-known but it’s more preferred by recreational users because it imparts psychoactive effects.

Like THC, CBD has a host of medical advantages but it doesn’t make the user ‘high’. In the UK, hemp oil is sold as a supplement to relieve anxiety and stress. Some oils contain a combination of CBD and THC to enhance the effects. In some medications, synthetically-derived CBD is also used.

Yes, such oils work too, but it may not suit you if you’re averse to anything other than pure hemp oil. Thus, it’s best to purchase 100% hemp oil extracted from organic hemp in the UK.

Is CBD Good For Insomnia?

It’s proven that THC induces sleep pretty quickly. Anyone who smokes high-THC cannabis will tell you that he/she was knocked out for hours. However, what if you don’t want those psychoactive effects even if they have medicinal benefits? For such people, the answer lies in hemp oil.

Insomnia, although very common now, is a rampant problem. In the UK alone, a third of the entire population struggles with sleep issues including insomnia according to NHS UK. So, coming back to the question of whether hemp oil is good for insomnia, it’s important to note that it is great to decrease anxiety.

The biggest obstacles preventing you from slipping into a deep sleep are anxiety and stress. Stress, apart from making you lose or gain weight – plays a major role in inhibiting sleep, and since hemp oil reduces stress, it automatically helps you sleep well.

Hemp oil may not be directly responsible to induce sleep or improve the quality of sleep, but it does have indirect results. It is not your typical sedative, but it shows results. And that’s exactly why the number of people incorporating the oil in their daily routine is increasing steadily.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies supporting the benefits of hemp oil when it comes to insomnia. However, the fact that many supplements combining hemp oil, melatonin and liposomes should give you an inkling about its medicinal benefits.

Melatonin is naturally produced by the human body to regulate the circadian rhythm, but when combined with CBD, it results in a deeper sleep. Hemp not only fights against insomnia but it also improves your sleep quality.

Does CBD Make You Sleep Better?

Yes, it most definitely does. According to this study conducted by HelloMD and Brightfield Group, more than 60% of users relied on hemp oil to overcome insomnia. Quite a big number, eh? You may not find many studies conducted in the UK, but it can’t be another snake oil if that many people depend on it.

To be honest, studies show that hemp oil makes the user alert when taken in small doses. However, it can reduce insomnia if taken in large doses. Many people consume it to stay alert during day time. However, if insomnia is your biggest enemy, it must be ingested in large doses.

Large doses may make you apprehensive. Naturally, you’re going to wonder if it’s a good idea to intake huge doses of hemp; however, you can rest assured that there’s absolutely nothing to worry. Oh, and that drug test?  Well, you don’t have to lose sleep over it (no pun intended) since drug tests screen only for THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that makes the user high.

Another critical point to note is that hemp oil decreases the effects of REM behavior disorder (RBD), especially in patients suffering from Parkinson’s. REM sleep behavior disorder typically makes patients act out when they are asleep. From talking to walking to behaving abnormally while asleep, REM can be problematic.

Even for those not suffering from Parkinson’s, hemp can help with REM according to this study. Patients treated with hemp oil experienced a reduction in RBD which indicates that it has a lot of potential in this field.

Interestingly, hemp oil may also help those suffering from Sleep Apnoea. Sleep Apnoea is very common nowadays affecting more people than you can imagine. It’s a condition where an individual’s breathing is interrupted several times when he/she is asleep.

While the interruptions may range from ten seconds to more than thirty seconds at a time, it’s a scary disease that affects people both mentally and physically. According to this report from The Guardian, the number of people suffering from this condition has increased to 7557 in 2017, from 5,675 in 2013.

When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep?

It’s important to ingest hemp oil frequently to see any changes in your sleep pattern. Also, make sure that you understand why you’re suffering from insomnia in the first place. Is there another underlying condition such as PTSD or anxiety? Once you rule that out, it becomes easier to formulate a regimen.

Based on the sleeping disorder, a specific time period can be set. Talking about sleep disorders, those suffering from excessive fatigue during daytime can also consume hemp oil. However, it should be taken during the daytime for such problems whereas those suffering from insomnia should do so during nighttime.

It’s also good to experiment with different hemp oils and dosages to get it just right. For instance, full spectrum oils may work for someone else but your body might prefer CBD isolates containing only hemp in its purest form. Also, a 10mg dose may be excellent for you, but others may require a higher dose.

The key here is to experiment and stick to the plan once you hit the right spot. CBD oil isn’t some magic oil, because it needs some time to work; however, unlike other popular medications with underlying side effects, it has no side effects and also helps to improve your daily life.

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