CBD Oil For Stress Relief – Natural Alternative? UK Guide

Anxiety, stress, and depression are all correlated. We all know how difficult it is to cope with everyday life, especially if you have a stressful relationship or job. Stress is considered one of the biggest reasons for people to develop several other ailments, but rather than depending on medications with side effects, most people are turning to herbal alternatives. CBD oil for stress is considered the best compared to other medicines that do more harm than good.

Cannabis has been used to relieve stress and anxiety for quite some time now. In particular, CBD oil has garnered a lot of support. While some people use CBD oil for stress, others use it to reduce anxiety, migraine, and other illnesses.

The MHRA – a regulatory agency in the UK – decided to classify CBD as a useful medicine in 2016. This reclassification established trust amongst users. And that doubled the number of people using hemp oil in the UK. 

Hemp products sold as medicines required a product license and this gave way to some confusion. However, hemp oil is sold as food supplements or additives in the nutrition section, so it’s possible to buy 100% pure hemp oil in the UK.

While hemp is used for a myriad of reasons, CBD oil for stress is one of the most important reasons driving users to utilize the benefits of the herb. But, does it really work? Let’s find out.

Is CBD Oil Good For Stress?

The human body responds to stressful scenarios by either preparing to flee or fight. While this is natural and actually heightens the senses, it can take a toll on the body due to the high amount of stress it undergoes. From increasing the heart rate to the cholesterol in the bloodstream, stress indirectly results in several diseases.

Most people either turn to cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs in such situations, but rather than trashing your body, you now have a healthy alternative like hemp. Hemp oil is not a recent discovery; in fact, it was used even by the Chinese centuries ago. Unlike tobacco or alcohol that usually make stressful situations worse, CBD oil soothes your overworked mind and brings the much-needed calm.

According to the study, CBD is therapeutic primarily because of the way it interacts with the receptors in the brain. The receptors meant to regulate anxiety, fear, and stress – cannabinoid type 1 – bind with the CBD and reduce stress without imparting any psychoactive effects.

Many other studies have found that the vast pharmacological profile of hemp indeed has a variety of uses that can be incorporated into medicines. As a natural alternative to combat stress without any or minimal side effects, hemp oil is certainly a no-brainer if you’re having trouble fighting stress.

Hemp oil is also known to reduce PTSD in individuals. These aren’t tests conducted on lab rats. We are talking about real human beings.

Does CBD Oil Reduce Stress?

Yes, CBD oil is certainly helpful in reducing stress according to a number of studies. The study found that cannabidiol or CBD can reduce social anxiety in people. Studies have also found differences in blood flow, especially to the paths of the brain that’s linked to anxiety.

Incredibly, participants of studies not only felt better due to cannabidiol, but they also responded to stress and anxiety in a far better manner than they did previously without the influence of hemp. A study was conducted to specifically analyze the effects of hemp on stress caused due to public speaking. This study showed that cannabidiol not only diminished anxiety and cognitive impairment but it also made the participants alert in their speech!

Does CBD Oil Help You Relax?

Hemp oil is widely known as a natural alternative to other drugs with mind-altering effects. It’s amazing that a single plant contains so many cannabinoids, and studies on cannabidiol may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Cannabidiol is known to affect the mood and emotional behaviour of individuals in a positive manner. It also reduces stress and anxiety significantly. The best way to relax after a particularly long day at work is to consume either cannabidiol soft gels or oils, depending on your tastes.

Cannabidiol not only reduces irritability and negative feelings, but it uplifts the mood by inducing a calm state of relaxation. It’s not uncommon for cannabidiol users to describe it as a warm herbal medicine that lets them drift into deep slumber.

Many studies focus on cannabis rather than just cannabidiol, but it’s important to focus only on cannabidiol considering the positive effects it has displayed until now.

CBD oil is sometimes referred to as a cannabis extract or hemp extract. While this can be confusing to some, it’s important to note that hemp extract or oil doesn’t have any psychological properties. Medical cannabis is now widely accepted in several countries across the globe.

Having said that, not all hemp oils are created or designed equally. Some companies sell raw hemp oils consisting of a mixture of many cannabinoids present in cannabis. Other companies sell decarboxylated oils. Decarboxylation is the process of heating the oil to get active substances. If you’ve ever made cannabis edibles before, you’ve probably dealt with decarboxylation yourself.

Most cannabis recipes suggest decarboxylating or heating cannabis in the oven to activate the THC Similarly, in hemp, decarboxylation converts CBDA to CBD, and the results seen on patients are much faster.

There are several manufacturers offering hemp creams and salves that also treat a variety of issues, but the way you consume hemp is totally up to you.

Medical marijuana contains both CBD and THC – two of the most popular cannabinoids. Some oils contain small traces of THC, which is normal. However, if you’re looking for 100% pure CBD, an isolate may be the best for you. Many companies stock pure CBD oils or isolates in the UK, so it’s not very difficult to find CBD oil for stress.

To reduce stress or any ailment through hemp, it’s important to determine the dosage. And this can be done by consulting your physician. While some doctors still shy away from anything related to cannabis, it’s easy to find someone who understands the benefits of the herb.

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