When Eating Becomes A Disorder
Eating is an activity we all do to survive and when done right, can lead to a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, there are some people who are suffering from eating disorders. Contrary to common belief that it’s just a lifestyle option, it is a physical and mental illness characteri... read more »
Depression: More Than Just A Mood Disorder
A lot of people who don’t have much of an idea about depression, often classify it as a feeling of loss, sadness, or even anger, that can affect a person’s ability to accomplish his or her daily task. Simply put, people think that it’s a mood disorder that can be easily d... read more »
Natural Remedies For Upset Stomach
Stomach related pains are common and there are many reasons why you can suffer from it. We have all experienced tummy aches at one point in our lives, but its probable cause might have been benign and the symptoms passed quickly. Since it’s not that serious, you can opt for natural r... read more »
Mental Health: How To Keep It Sound and Healthy
Mental health isn’t just about being free from any mental disease, but it also revolves around the overall sense of wellbeing and health, the ability to function everyday and do tasks, and rise up to challenges should the opportunity rises. Just like maintaining physical fitness and ... read more »
Detox Can Help The Body
There are times that the feeling of sluggishness and being out of sync of your body is caused by too much toxins in the body. So are skin problems, body pains, muscle aches, and even digestive problems. Detoxifying has been a natural process since the early centuries, and it usually involv... read more »
8 Diet Fads You Should Know About
There are countless diet fads in the market right now, both in gaining and losing weight. If you’re more into the latter, it’s better to know about the options available first since not all diets are suitable for everyone and works differently for every individual. Basically, ... read more »
Clear Blemishes Naturally
A large fraction of individuals between ages of 12 to 25 suffer or suffered from skin acne conditions. For some, the condition prolongs or won’t show until at an older show. Around 50 percent of women suffer from acne, while around 40 percent of male adults suffer from the condition.... read more »
Keep Your Skin Beautiful
The skin is the biggest organ of the body and is essential in protecting other vital parts. This makes it important to keep it healthy and beautiful. Not only because of aesthetic reasons, but also because it’s an indicator of the body’s overall wellness. Every choice you make,... read more »
Foods That Are Natural Fat Burners
Losing weight and burning fat is a big challenge for most people, especially if they’re not doing it right. Even if they spend more time at the gym just to sweat it out, they won’t be able to shed off those excess pounds if they don’t eat the right foods. If you want to b... read more »
Chikungunya virus: Transmission, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention
The Basics of Chikungunya Chikungunya was first discovered in 1952, in East Africa. It’s a viral infection that’s transmitted through mosquito bites. Although it was detected in Africa, there are also cases in Europe, Asia, and on the islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans. ... read more »
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