How Healthy Is The Gluten – Free Diet?
Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Gwyneth Paltrow are practicing gluten – free diet, and this is not because they are suffering from gluten intolerance but rather, they are adopting such diet because of the belief that it’s healthier and will help them maintain their health eas... read more »
How to Fight Off Aging
Aging is one of the hardest battles we all have to face sooner or later. While some can accept the inevitable, there are also people who want to fight it off as much as possible and still get that youthful radiant they don't want to lose. Well the good thing is, there are simple steps that... read more »
Is Organic Food Really Better?
More and more people are opting for organic produce and the media is sensationalizing it by featuring articles or documentaries on why it's getting popular. But the question is, are they really aware of its benefits and what it can do to their health? As there is an increase in demand, g... read more »
Going Vegan and Vegetarian
A lot of people are going for healthy living nowadays and some have even given up on eating meat. There are many reasons why people choose the latter, may it be because of the negative impacts meat pose on the health, its damage to the environment, respect and protection of animals, and so... read more »
Avoiding Colds and Flu
Viral infections, such as the flu and colds, can happen anytime of the year, although it happens more often during cold weather. One factor may be because more people spend their times indoor, making close contact more frequent. Most respiratory viruses can clear up and be completely trea... read more »
Ringworm: Symptoms and Treatment
One of the common skin disorders known is ringworm, also known as tinea. It has different forms, ranging from the most common type of affecting the skin (tinea corporis), the feet (athlete’s foot or tinea pedis), the groin area (jock itch or tinea cruris), and the scalp or tinea capi... read more »
Is Birth Control The Right Choice For You?
There are many birth control options available for women and choosing the most suitable one for your needs can be confusing. To eliminate which you can choose from, you can ask yourself the questions below: 1. Are you sexually active and in need of protection against STD? 2. How effectiv... read more »
Improve Your Memory With the Help of Supplements
There are many ways to improve memory, whether it’s to avoid memory loss as we get older, or just to help you remember all the details you need for the exam. While there are natural remedies available for improving memory, there are also supplements and memory boosters that you can t... read more »
Health Risks Associated With Obesity
The understanding of obesity varies form one person to another, depending on the information he or she was able to gather. But in general, obesity and overweight is an indication of body weight that’s beyond the healthy range and is defined by excessive amount of fats in the body, es... read more »
Dealing With Kidney Stones
Everyone has heard of somebody suffering from kidney stones, but not everyone is familiar with its causes and the symptoms that go with it. Kidney stones are composed of minerals and stones in the urine that tend to stick together, forming small pebbles that can be as small as a grain of ... read more »
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