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Acne Home Remedies

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Juice of papaya
Alberta 2014-10-27
Acne is a problem of skin and there are many home remedies for treatment. You must make sure that your skin affected with acne is clean and wash it many times a day. Dirt is a major cause of acne so clean skin could fight with acne and give good results. Juice of papaya could also be used. Clean your skin and then use papaya juice (apply on affected skin). Leave for 20 minutes and then wash the skin.

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Elimination of acne
Billy 2014-10-26
Acne is a skin related problem and there are many types of home remedies for this problem. Tomato paste is good for elimination of acne. You can use tomatoes and cut them in equal sizes. You can mash them to make paste or use them in solid and cut form. If you have made a paste of tomatoes then you can cover the infected areas of your skin with that paste. If you have cut tomato then you can rub the cut part on the infected parts of your skin. Let the tomato stay on the infected part for almost 20 minutes then use warm water to wash the skin. This home remedy is helpful for elimination of acne in some days of regular use.

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