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Bee sting swelling treatment
Ericka 2014-11-18
When stung by a bee, the first step that you need to do is take out the stinger with the help of a tweezer or by scraping it out with a plastic edge or a blunt knife. Wash the affected area with soap and warm water, and cover with a small amount of mustard for pain relief.
Honey can also be used to help reduce the pain brought about by the sting, so as crushed parsley and basil leaves. If these are not available, ice pack can also do the trick. A generous amount of toothpaste left on the stung area can also relieve the pain.

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Remove the stinger
Lilly 2014-10-24
Remove the stinger. Just don't use tweezers or something similar, because it will inject more poison into your body

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