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Blisters Home Remedies

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Fever blister treatment
Lenora 2014-11-29
The best home remedy for fever blister is to apply ice on the lips for every one hour. Repeat this until the blister disappears. You can also take some lemon balm tea and use a cotton ball to apply the lemon balm tea on the blister. Take some tea bags and press the tea bag on the blister for 30 minutes. Take one egg and mix it with one cup of yoghurt and manuka honey. Apply this facial mask on the blisters for soothing effects. Another simple home remedy to treat fever blister is to apply some common salt on the blisters for immediate relief.

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Getting rid of blisters
Marlene 2014-11-23
One of the first steps of getting rid of blisters is to clean it with water and soap, before applying emollient or petroleum jelly to reduce friction. Cover the area then with a piece of clean bandage to prevent possible infection. This can be changed frequently over the day.
Calendula ointment, a byproduct of marigold, can also be applied on the blisters to help it heal faster. To keep it clean, you can also cover the area with gauze pad or adhesive bandage after application of the ointment. Aloe vera gel can also do the job but make sure that only the pure gel is used as packaged products sometimes contain alcohol which can dry the blisters .

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