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Ear Aches Home Remedies

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Should be taken seriously
Kim 2014-11-07
The infection is very painful for an adult and especially for the child and should be taken seriously. One of the best natural remedies for ear infection is garlic. Chopped garlic (or squeezed) and extra virgin olive oil should be warmed up together and then cooled to a temperature similar to body temperature, drop a few drops in the ear three times during the day. You can also add tea tree oil and aloe vera. Extra virgin olive oil and garlic have antibacterial properties, and studies show that hot oil relieves pain in the short term. Do not use if you suspect the eardrum to rupture or notice drainage of the ear (runny accumulated infection).

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Warm water
Amelia 2014-10-27
Earache is caused due to many types of reasons. If you are having earache then you can use warm water for treatment. Just take warm water and wrap it in some towel or cloth. You can use this warm towel or cloth on the infected ear when you feel pain and the problem will be gone in few minutes.

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