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Flat Condyloma Home Remedies

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Carroll 2014-12-14
Flat condyloma or genital warts can be hard to treat permanently as it can recur anytime. Although there are treatments like biopsy, lase, and condylox, there is no assurance that it can fix the problem. Garlic, being known for many home remedy uses, is also an effective treatment for flat condyloma. Since it contains natural antibacterial properties, it can get rid of your genital warts in no time Just slice and peel a fresh clove of garlic and slice it to the width and size of the ward. Dab the sliced piece on the affected area and let it dry for around five minutes before putting on your underwear. Do take note that the skin will itch and burn right after application, so it's best to avoid scratching the area to prevent worsening the condition. Avoid using too much garlic as it may also burn and scab the skin.

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