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Frequent Urination natural cure
Elly 2014-11-11
Urinary tract infections such as inflammation of the bladder - cystitis, urinary tract -uretritis affect every woman at least once in lifetime. From these problems suffer men too but significantly less. Garlic destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, and for this vegetable is often said that is the cure for all ills. When it comes to urinary tract infection, it can be consumed as a food additive and is advised to take a mixture of orange juice or other fruit juice with one clove of garlic. Cranberry tea is home remedy for frequent urination. Cook 30 g of cranberries in half a liter of water until it evaporates half liquid. Sweeten with honey (according to taste) and drink several times daily. It’s extremely effective for urinary tract infections especially in Escherichia coli.

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