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Frostbite Home Remedies

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Minor frostbite treatment
Emmy 2014-11-11
Frostbite is local acute damage to the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by the cold. Damage is occurring after prolonged exposure to extreme cold. Often are affected peripheral parts of the body: fingers, nose, ears, hands, and feet. Parsley Bath is home remedy for frostbite. It is necessary to prepare 100 grams of parsley leaves and 3 liters of water. Take the green section of parsley (fresh or dried), crush it and put in 3 l of boiling water. After 5 minutes cooking, leave it to cool. Filtrate it and pour in a tub. Parsley bath is one of the herbal baths which, with persistent use relieves pain of frosbite, and at the same time knits together chapped skin.

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