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Stomach problems
Kris 2014-11-07
Anise seeds are useful natural remedy for gas. They also strengthen the stomach, soothe stomach cramps, facilitate the process of digestion, purify the blood, and strengthen the nerves.

The root of sweet celery helps in the treatment of gas, obesity, chest pains that were caused by increased anxiety and feelings of fear. Celery also purifies the blood and improves circulation.

Yarrow is used to treat diseases of impaired appetite, stomach problems and IBS as a beneficial effect on the absorption of food. Yarrow is also known folk remedy for flatulence.

Lemon balm is strongly recommended for pregnant women suffering from nausea.

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Carom seeds to eliminate gas problems
April 2014-10-27
Gas is a problem and it is caused due to not releasing the gas in a natural manner.Buttermilk could be used at home for dealing with problems of gas. You can use one spoon of carom seeds and black salt and mix them in a cup containing buttermilk. Celery seeds could also be used in this process for replacement of carom seeds if you want.

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A spoon of mustard
Jason 2014-10-25
Have a tablespoon of yellow mustard! It worked for me. My pain stopped instantly (in less than 5 minutes)

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