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Hair bumps removal
Darlyne 2014-11-13
Seemingly harmless hairs bumps can become a nightmare if you do not treat them properly. Hair bump happens when hair has not managed to free from their follicles but has curled and ingrown again in its own root. Use a good scrub to treat the skin around the ingrown hairs. You should use a gentle exfoliation to refine skin and remove dead cells. This can greatly assist in the liberation of ingrown hairs. Before you start waxing legs or any other part of the body, it is always a good idea to apply a skin peel. Soak pure cotton in hot water and squeeze out excess water. Wet cotton and then gently press on the target site. As well as this will soothe your skin, it will also soften the skin around the ingrown hairs, which will after a few minutes of this treatment be easier to 'flush out' the surface.

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