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Hypothyroidism cure
Jean 2014-11-20
Thyroid gland is located in the neck right below the Adam's apple. If the level of circulating hormones T3 and T4 and insufficient hormone TSH is too level, we are talking about hypothyroidism, or slowed metabolic processes. The main building blocks of thyroxine are iodine and the amino acid tyrosine. Oil green walnut is rich in these ingredients. In clinical test, it was confirmed that green walnut oil significantly increases the level of thyroxine. The marine alga fukus is a natural product that regenerates the structure of the thyroid gland. The main ingredient of fukus is alginic acid. Its salts (alginates) create adhesion in water solution containing polysaccharides, minerals, especially iodine and chromium and useful trace elements. Fukus also has anti-inflammatory properties and has a beneficial effect on all types of mucosa. It is also an excellent remedy against obesity that often accompanies hypothyroidism.

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