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Make-up Removal Home Remedies

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Get rid of make up
Becky 2014-11-04
There are various home remedies for removing make-up. Take small quantities of olive oil and baby oil and mix them in equal parts. Take a cotton ball and apply the oil mixture on the skin surface to remove the cosmetics. Cucumber juice can also be used along with baby oil to remove make-up around the eyes. The foundation present in the face can be removed by mixing equal parts of petroleum jelly and aloe-Vera. The aloe-Vera helps in reducing the sticky residue of the foundation while the petroleum jelly moisturizes the skin and cleans it. Almond oil can also be used to remove make-up around the eyes.

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Quick make-up removal
Liz 2014-11-02
To remove stubborn eye make-up quickly and gently, turn to the oils you will already have at home. Baby oil, olive oil and coconut oil can all be gently massaged into the eye area and removed with cotton wool, and they have the double advantage of moisturizing while they clean.

For a make-up removing scrub that heals your skin, try mixing a table spoon of honey (raw is best for its antibacterial properties) with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and massaging into your skin. Leave on for one minute and wipe away with a face cloth for smooth, blemish free skin.

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