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Menstrual Cramps Home Remedies

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Controlling menstrual cramps
Tiff 2014-11-05
Heat is the best remedy for controlling menstrual cramps. It helps in relaxing the contracting muscles present in the uterus. You can place a heating pad near the lower abdomen and massage slowly for the heat to spread across the area. You will start feeling more comfortable after some time. In case, you do not have a heating pad, wet a towel and take out excess water from the towel. Heat the towel in microwave oven for one minute. Now use the towel as heating pad until it cools.

Use ginger in all your food items as it plays an important role in reducing menstrual pain.

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Menstrual cramps relieve
Stacey 2014-11-02
Although it might be the last thing you feel like doing when suffering from menstrual cramps, one of the best home remedies to relieve them is to get up and take some exercise. This has been shown to alleviate the pain as your body will be releasing endorphins and increasing your blood flow.

Another good option at this time of the month is to apply heat to your stomach – use a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or even just a regular plastic bottle filled with hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself, but keep the heat on your abdomen for as long as is needed.

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