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Minor Burns Home Remedies

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Preventing blisters
Ginger 2014-11-05
Pouring cold water in and around the area which is burnt will prevent other parts of the skin to get affected. Do not use ice on the area as it stops blood flow and results in blood clot. You can also use cold milk instead of cold water. Raw potato have positive effects in preventing blisters. Cut small slices of raw potato and rub it on the skin such that the juice from the potato is applied on the affected area. This reduces the pain and prevents further injury. You can also take some small quantity of lemon juice and mix it with coconut oil. Apply this mixture in the affected area.

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Cure minor burns at home
Eve 2014-11-02
Run the affected body part under cold water. This draws the heat out and prevents the burn from worsening. Keep it under the open faucet until the pain has gone, ideally for 10 – 15 minutes.

Apply a cooling salve or ointment. If you have any aloe vera gel in the house it is excellent at soothing burns, but other options from your kitchen cupboards include raw potato, coconut oil, and honey, all of which while reduce inflammation and promote healing

Cover the site of the burn. Bandage the area and keep it out of the air while the healing process takes place.

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