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Morning Sickness Home Remedies

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Ginger tea in the morning
Paul 2014-11-05
A cup of ginger tea early in the morning will get rid of morning sickness and give you immense energy. Take 30 grams of ginger root and mix it with one glass of water. Heat the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir the liquid and enjoy the natural refresher.

Lemon balm and peppermint can also be used for making herbal tea. Chewing fennel seeds for some time after waking up also gets rid of morning sickness. Take 15 to 20 curry leaves and extract its juice. Add small quantity of fresh lime juice and honey and mix them well. Drink this mixture of liquid twice a day to avoid morning sickness.

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Morning sickness advice
Hester 2014-11-02
Get enough rest. Tiredness will make your morning sickness worse

Eat small meals, and spread them throughout the day. Don’t try to eat too much at once!

Stick to bland foods, as strong spices and smells are likely to act as triggers

Stay hydrated! If you find that you can’t even keep water down, try freezing sports drinks in ice cube trays and sucking on these to keep your electrolyte balance stable.

Eat ginger – whether it’s fresh or in candies, ginger can act as a powerful anti-nausea medication and will help to keep your morning sickness under control

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