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Nausea Home Remedies

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Quick tip
Kevin 2014-10-26
Those people who are working in dirty places are suffering from nausea. Dirt and bad atmosphere are major causes of nausea. Changing the environment is a quick remedy for this problem. It is good to have mask which will cover the nose so that bad air could not be taken inside. When the air is clean and bad air is prevented from entering in nose then the problems of nausea could be eliminated.

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Mint tea
Tom 2014-10-22
* Mint tea with honey can help. Or peppermint candy
* Eat about half a tablespoon of yellow mustard, that might help as well.
* Dry toast

Another thing...If you fell that you need to vomit - just do it. You will feel much better afterwards. Just dont hold stomach acid in your throat.

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How To Get Rid Of Nausea
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