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How to clean your pores
Katherine 2014-12-05
One of the cheapest and most effective home remedy for clearing clogged pores is by steaming the face. The warmth from the steam will open up the clogged pores to clear out impurities and wash it away. All you have to do is heat a pot of water until it produces steam. Lean over the steam and allow it to seep into your skin for at least ten minutes. Pat your face dry with a clean towel, and apply toner and moisturizer to keep the facial skin from dry. This remedy produces no side effects and can be repeated twice a week to keep the skin clean and clear.

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Ice cubes
Aron 2014-10-25
Put a couple of ice-cubes in a clean washcloth then hold it on your skin for 30 secs. Do that once or twice every day. You can decrease the number of use whenever you notice improvement.

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