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Premature Ejaculation
Carly 2014-12-05
If you want to pleasure your woman in bed but find it hard because of premature ejaculation, you can wear a condom to reduce stimulation and prolong the time it needs to ejaculate. However, you should avoid using extra thin condoms as it will defeat the purpose of reducing the stimulation. If you want, you can opt for brands that coat the insides of their condoms with a mild numbing gel, to prevent premature ejaculation.
You can also use analgesic spray or cream to lessen the sensation and delay the ejaculation. But a word of caution: applying this product will also risk transfer to your partner, which will cause her to suffer reduced sensation as well. So as much as possible, go for topical creams that get absorbed into the skin easily to reduce chances of transfer to your partner.

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