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Psoriasis Home Remedies

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Flakes on the scalp
Julie 2014-11-07
Psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris) causes the formation of flakes on the scalp, lower back, elbows, knees, nails, and joints that. Flakes appear every three to five days, in contrast to healthy skin wherein the cycle lasts about 30 days. According to the classical medical cause of the disease is unknown and as an alibi cause alleges genetic heredity. As therapy is recommended to use black cumin, that acts on the harmonization of the immune system and prevents autoimmune activity while gamma linolenic acid regulates inflammation. Black cumin also acts protecting cell membranes from free radicals. It’s recommended taking the oil of black cumin 3 times daily with amount of 25 drops immediately after a meal.

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Get rid of psoriasis
Margaret 2014-10-27
Psoriasis is a skin related problem in which the skin forms red spots which are painful and bad looking. Main cause of psoriasis is the dryness in air. If you are in a place where air is dry then you must make sure that you are using humidity items so that the air could remain moist. You can boil water in your home to make sure that air is not dry. You are not going to face with psoriasis at once as the skin will become dry as a symptom. If you are suffering with this problem then increase the humidity in air and use healthy foods in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables for treatment of this problem.

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