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Ringworm Home Remedies

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How to treat ringworm at home
Millie 2014-12-01
Ringworm on the skin is perhaps the most common fungal infection that develops on the top layer of skin. It is manifested by a red circular rash. Use macerate made of 30 g of fresh leaves of plantains (fleaworts) and 120 ml olive oil. Wash leaves, chop and put in a jar. Pour oil and push the leaves in oil that nothing is sticking out of oil. Leave in the sun 40 days, through the night put in house. Strain the oil through the dense fabric and pour it into a dark bottle. You may use this macerate for ringworm. To avoid ringworm keep hygiene. Avoid excessive sweating. Avoid infected animals especially the animal which in one part of the skin is missing hair or fur. Do not share with others personal things like clothing, towels, and hairbrushes.

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Ringworm: Symptoms and Treatment
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