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How to stop sneezing
Mabbie 2014-12-05
To reduce the amount of mucus in the nose and throat, you may gargle mouthwash based on mint. This method is especially effective if your snoring is a temporary condition caused by a cold or allergies. In a glass of cold water, add 1 drop of peppermint oil. But only gargle - do not swallow! Use a few extra pillows and prop up in bed, rather than lying flat on your back. So you tissue from the throat will not fall into the air passages. Sleep on a side. Of course, it does not guarantee that you will stay in this position, but at least start by lying on your side and by arm enfold pillow. There is a good reason why you should not sleep on back. In this position, your tongue and soft palate lean against the back of the throat, which closes the airway passage.

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