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Audrey 2014-11-08
Do you snore so loud that it echoes through the house and makes sleeping difficult for other people? Or do you snore so loud or violently that you wake yourself up at night? Then you’ve got a snoring problem.

Try any of these to reduce or stop snoring:

Switch Sleep Position - If you lay on your back, you’re more prone to snoring then you would be sleeping on your sides.

Clean the Bedroom - Dust, allergens or funguses could be breathed in at night, making you snore a storm. Clean the entire bedroom, especially the ceiling fans, bed sheets and pillow cases.

Clear your nasal passageways - your sinuses can be clogged up without you even noticing it. Try taking a hot shower and breathing in the steam before you go to bed. You could also smear vapo rub on your chest and neck. If you have a humidifier in your bedroom, it would definitely help.

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