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Sunburn relief
Aggy 2014-11-08
What’s the one thing that can completely ruin a weekend of hiking and going to the beach? A sunburn. It’s not very attractive, unless you’re going for that natural “peeling skin” look. But, nobody’s been able to pull it off so far, so might as well move on from that phase and get rid of it.
Here’s how:

Take a cool shower or bath - It’s relaxing. Especially if you dip yourself into an oatmeal bath, it’ll work wonder on the skin and itchiness factor.

Aloe Vera lotions - Aloe Vera lotions will moisturize your skin, making it silky smooth and relieving sunburn pain.

Cucumbers - Cucumbers have a lot of properties good for your skin. Mash some cucumbers up into a paste and apply it to your sunburn; a blender would be good for paste making as well.

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