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Surface Scratches on a Car Home Remedies

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Surface Scratches
Hill 2014-12-16
If you’ve noticed a scratch on your car’s surface and want to get rid of it, wash the area with soap or car shampoo and warm water. Afterwards, use a towel to dry it completely. Use an ultra – fine sandpaper with at least 2000 grit, to sand the scratched surface. Fill a bowl or small bucket with cold water, and add two to three drops of liquid dish soap in it. Dip the sandpaper in the prepared solution and use it to gently sand the surface. After every four or five strokes, rinse the sandpaper with the dishwashing liquid solution.
Dry the area thoroughly. Apply one tablespoon of rubbing compound on a terry wash cloth, and buff the sanded area with it. Continue buffing until the sanded area is smooth and there are no more remaining residue.

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