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Laureen 2014-11-07
A bath for the whole body is always a good choice, as it soothes, brings restful sleep, relieves pain, soothes itching, releasing tension. The bath should be refreshing (18-21 Celsius degrees) or neutral (29-34 Celsius degrees). After you pour water, add a handful of sea salt, and when melted, mix 0.2 dL of soy cream with a total of 15 drops of essential oils. Relax, breathe ... (The bath can be added to herbal remedies and tinctures). Flushing is a practical option when you do not have too much time. In one liter of warm water, add 10 drops of tea tree oil. Flush can be 2-3x daily. Currently relief - to daily cartridge drip 1-2 drops of any of the above-listed oil.

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