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Best Remedies For Stomach Flu

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Getting sick is one of the things that we all like to avoid as much as possible. Stomach flu is no exception, especially since it’s always associated with fever, nausea, chills, diarrhea, and other aches and muscle pains that makes it more uncomfortable. While there isn’t any cure for it, there are remedies that you can try yourself to provide relief from symptoms and the discomfort.

What causes stomach flu

Stomach flu is more commonly known as gastroenteritis, which is usually caused by different viruses that managed to get past through your immune system and attack the gastrointestinal system. These viruses could come from inadequately prepared food, or poor hygiene practices. Some symptoms of stomach flu include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and may even include headache, fever, and sore muscles. This can depend on the type of virus the patient may have contracted and the flu may last up to ten days.

Adequate rest can make a lot of difference

One of the most needed things of the body when having the stomach flu is lots of rest so that it can fight off any viruses it may have contracted. When suffering from stomach flu, it’s important to get adequate sleep and reduce any activity you normally do in a day. When you’re not in bed, it’s advisable to just sit down and relax to strengthen the body so it can successfully fight off the virus and repair any induced damages up to the cellular level.

Drink plenty of fluids

As mentioned before, symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea always often come with stomach flu. This may cause dehydration, making it important to make sure that you always take in lots of fluids when battling with the virus. Always go for clear liquids like broth and water, or with sports drinks with ions to replace any electrolytes lost.

If you can’t keep the liquid down, it may be more effective to take intervals in sipping water, or take in clear soda or ginger tea to reduce the feeling of nausea. Just remember to avoid drinks such as soda, alcohol, caffeinated tea, and coffee, as they make nausea and your stomach flu worse.

What food to eat

With stomach flu, keeping down the food you just ate can also be difficult. If you can take down food, you may want to stick to cereal, crackers, rice, toast, and potatoes. If you’re suffering from diarrhea, eating small amounts of bananas, yoghurt, and fresh apples can help.

If eating worsens your feeling of being nauseated, do not force yourself to take in food. Also, make sure that you avoid dairy products, high fat foods, and spicy foods, as they may upset the stomach and just worsen your flu.

Take in pain medication

If your stomach flu is associated with muscle aches and pain, it’s okay to take pain medications. Just do take it in moderation and after eating, and stop if it upsets your stomach. A lot of people suffering from stomach flu, except those with liver complications, take Tylenol. Aspirin and antibiotics should be avoided as well, as the body is fighting off virus and not simple bacteria.

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