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Can CBD Oil Help With Headaches?

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CBD or Cannabidiol oil is extracted from the controversial marijuana/cannabis plant but refined in a way that it does not have the psychoactive effect. This oil is used in different parts of the world as a cure for headaches, migraines to be specific.  According to a report by National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, migraines affects about 10 percent of the world’s population with a higher occurrence in women. These people live on pain relievers, which only offer temporal relief, and side effects that manifest with continued use.


Is It Legal?

As to whether CBD oil can help with migraines is a conundrum that has been around for some time. The biggest obstacle to this research is the fact that cannabis and its by-products are illegal in most parts of the world. In the UK for example, being found in possession of marijuana in whatever form is a capital offence that carries maximum penalties.  There are however countries like the United States, Portugal, Netherlands and Norway where this substance has been legalized, but its use restricted to medical purposes and even so, to be used in moderation.


CBD Consumption

Where it has been successfully conducted, laboratory results indicate that indeed CBD oil helps alleviate different forms of pain, including migraines. For this reason, it is made and consumed in different forms. The first way is by including it as an ingredient in any other kinds of food. Second is by consuming it as a capsule. It can also be inhaled in vapor form, applied physically on the skin to ease pain and discomfort or finally, made into drops to be taken orally.


CBD Oil Dosage For Headaches

Considering the fact that this product is yet to be recognized as a certified drug, the challenge of dosage arises. There is no prescribed dosage for patients taking CBD oil and as a result abuse is imminent. To avoid this, it is advisable to first take the lowest dosage available and increase gradually if necessary. Much as it is famed for being the permanent solution to this problem of migraines, even consumers are adamant to take up a product that is not regulated by any authority. The result of this lack of regulation is that every manufacturers will have different information on the package, some true and others not so true.


Does It Really Work?

Again owing to the lack of regulation, doctors do not prescribe CBD oil to migraine patients. They prefer contemporary medicine such as pain killers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, and preventive drugs and even administer Botox treatment. All these treatments have been in use for decades but none can be said to be a lasting solution to recurring headaches. The few people who have tried out CBD oil on the other hand have registered an improvement in symptoms. This means that much as they still get the migraines, the frequency has reduced or the effects are not as severe.


How Does It Work?

From this discussion, we can conclude that CBD actually relieves headache. Then the question of how it works arises. Cannabinoids which are found in CBD get attached to receptors in the body. Some cannabinoids are generated in the body, which are then attached to the two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mostly concentrated on the brain and are responsible for most of the brain functions including pain and coordination. CB2 receptors on the other hand are responsible for the immune system and mainly affect pain and infections.  By consuming the CBD oil, the Cannabinoids stimulates the body to produce more of its own hence reducing the effect of pain from migraine.  With more stimulation the body gets used to producing more of this substance and this explains the improvement on patients who consume CBD oil.

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