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How To Get Rid Of Corns On Feet Fast

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I remember when I was younger, and I went to the beach with my grandmother. She took off her shoes, and I almost gagged. Although her shoes were removed, her feet remained in the same position. What I noticed most and found most disturbing, were these things that stuck out from the feet. When I asked her what they were, she told me they were corns. I swore that no matter what it took, or how old I got, I would never have corns.

Corns are calluses that are the result of constant friction at various parts of the body, but most commonly found on the feet. Due to an area being constantly rubbed the wrong way, literally, the skin forms a protective layer against the friction, and that becomes a callous, or a corn. The good news is that if you have a corn on your foot, there are ways that you can get rid of it that don’t involve going under the knife. There are natural ways to get rid of callouses and corns on the feet and toes.


10 ways to get rid of corns on your feet


1. Remove the irritant

The thing that causes corns is irritation. If you notice that you just got a corn over the past six months when you started working and wearing high heels, then you probably know what the culprit is. The things that cause corns are not always so obvious. If you can isolate what it is that is rubbing up against the spot, and eliminate it from doing so, then the corn will simply wear away. You can either wear different shoes or find a new style of shoe that doesn’t give you the same pressure points. It may be that the heel that you are wearing is causing your toes to jut forward. Go down an inch and see if that alleviates the pressure to give you some relief.

2. Soak your feet

Since the corn is just a pile up of skin cells, you can usually soak a corn away. Soak your foot either in warm water or warm water combined with some Epsom salt. Leave it in the soaking bath for about 30 minutes. Remove your foot and take a pumice stone to the corn, rubbing it from side to side gently. Chances are that you aren’t going to get it gone in the first try, but if you do that consistently, you are going to wear away at the layers. Over time, you will be able to reduce the size of the corn, if not rid it all together.

3. Apply some buffer

If it isn’t about a shoe, but more about the way that you foot settles when you walk, then you can find ways to shield the corn, or to pad it to reduce the friction that it is getting from the shoe. There are some over the counter moleskin type bandages that are specifically made to pad areas of the foot to help get rid of corns and callouses. They do a great job stopping the irritation and allowing the skin to wear down.

4. Don’t cut them!

They are gross, yes, but the last thing you want to do to get rid of a corn or callous is to cut it off. Although corns are disgusting looking, it is actually serving a purpose. If you cut into it, you aren’t going to be able to get rid of it. It may be skin piling up, but it is still attached to living skin cells. If you take a knife to it, you are increasing the likelihood that you may get an infection. Using such forceful means is never a good idea.

5. Cut your toenails

Toenails are a necessity because they were designed to stop the toes from getting injured. If you aren’t trimming your toenails, you may inadvertently cause the friction in certain areas of the foot. If the toenail is causing the shoe to be averted in one area, it may be rubbing in another. If you trim your toenails regularly, shoes will fit the way that they are supposed to.

6. Athletes only

If you notice that you are getting callouses in specific places due to extraneous exercise or continual movements such as running, they are actually protecting specific areas from damage and harm. If you want to still protect the area, but not have a callous or corn, you can apply Vaseline before exercising to cut down on the friction that you experience. There are also some good products on the market that were designed specifically to reduce friction that can lead to callouses, or even to chafing. Give them a try.

7. Separate your toes

Your body was perfectly designed, but over time, your toes can change in form and shape and cause friction. If you are getting callouses or corns between your toes, it may be that the toes aren’t “fitting” together the way that they should. To prevent callouses from in between toes, try putting lambs wool clothes, or felt pads in between your toes to prevent them from rubbing up against one another.

8. Get a pedicure

If you aren’t getting much relief doing what you can, let someone else handle them. A regular pedicure once a week may help to get rid of corns and callouses. Professionals know how to temper wanting to get rid of them with hurting you. Pay for them to be someone else’s problem.

9. Apple Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to get rid of callouses. Instead of soaking with just Epsom salt, try applying a tablespoon of the vinegar too. To make the skin extra soft, and more willing to succumb to the harshness of a pumice stone, add a little castor or olive oil to the mix. Keeping the skin on your feet soft will help you to be able to get rid of the upper layers.

10. Vitamin E

Vitamin E will not only help to keep your skin soft, it will help to protect the area from infection if you rub a little too hard. Not only should you supplement with Vitamin E, you can actually break open the tablets and apply it directly to the skin for extra help in getting rid of corns and callouses.

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