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How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast

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When you see someone with greasy hair, it is easy to make the assumption that they aren’t very hygienic. When most of us have greasy hair, all we have to do is wash it. There are some people who, no matter how many times they take a shower or bath, still suffer with greasy looking and feeling hair. It is not only a problem that can affect their appearance, it can also cause things such as acne. Greasy hair is a product of oil at the follicle. Sebum, or the natural oil that is at the scalp, helps to keep the skin lubricated. There are some people, or times during a person’s life, when sebum production runs high. It can make your hair look limp, dull or make it hard to manage.

Before you go and spend a fortune buying beauty products that are aimed at making your hair look beautiful, consider the fact that some of the best hair care ingredients can be found in your pantry. There are many things that can help to control the release of sebum, to make your hair shine again.


10 ways to get rid of greasy hair


1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a great product to help fight sebum production that can lead to your hair looking greasy. Use a vinegar rinse after washing to keep the production of oil down. Apple cider vinegar is the best type to use. Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with a quart of warm water. After shampooing, apply it to the hair and allow it to sit for a minimum of five minutes. Repeating the process up to four times a week will help to strip the oil build up from your hair.

2. Lemon juice

Lemon juice has enough acid to cut through oil in the hair and to prevent it from building up too. Take a quarter cup of pure lemon juice and mix it with a cup of warm water. After shampooing, apply it to the scalp, and allow it to sit for a minimum of five minutes. Afterward, rinse it off. Using lemon juice up to four times a week in this way will help to curb greasy hair. If you want to lighten it as well, apply the mixture and then sit in the sunlight. It will naturally lighten your hair.

3. Be picky about your shampoo

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but just about every shampoo line makes different formulas depending on the type of hair you have. If you have greasy hair, then choose a product that is designed for it. Using a shampoo that is made for dry hair, or even normal, will not tackle the over production of sebum the way that you need it to. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by not paying attention to the products you are using on your hair.

4. Leave it alone

Sure, you may want to use your hands to style your hair frequently, but what you are doing is working against yourself. Not only is there grease in your hair, there is natural oil on the skin of your hands. Every time that you touch your hair you are transferring more oil onto it. If at all possible, take a hands-off approach to your hair to keep it less greasy.

5. Baking soda

Baking soda is a great way to get rid of greasy hair. Applying baking soda directly to the hair and scalp will stop the production of oil, and also absorb the excess amount of it. Make a paste using baking soda and water and apply it directly to the scalp. Allow it to sit for a minimum of thirty minutes before rinsing it out.

6. Tomato juice

Tomatoes contain a high amount of acid that is great at curbing oil. Use tomato juice on your hair to cut the production of oil at the hair follicle. Apply pure tomato juice to the scalp and wrap your hair around it using a shower cap. Let it sit for a minimum of thirty minutes, the longer, the better. It will not only cut back on the production of oil, it will also help to stimulate hair follicles and lead to growth.

7. Skip a day

Most people assume that if you want to get rid of oil you should shampoo everyday, if not twice a day. The reality is that the more you shampoo, the more it is likely that the follicles of the hair will start to produce more oil. You can train your hair to stop over-producing oil by skipping a day of shampooing. Cutting back the times you shampoo to every other day may actually make your hair look less greasy and cut back on the sebum that your scalp produces.

8. Use conditioners only on ends

If you are going to use a conditioner to make your hair more manageable, make sure to use it only to the ends. Conditioner can make your hair even duller and lifeless. That is why you want to use it only sparingly, and only at the ends of the hair. If you use it close to the scalp, it is going to weigh your hair down even further.

9. Egg whites

Egg whites are an excellent way to curb greasy hair. They work to neutralize the oil and to make your hair look less weighted down. Separate the yolk from the egg and then beat up the whites. Apply the egg whites to your hair after shampooing and let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly before blow drying or styling as usual.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can help to cut oily, greasy hair. Make a paste of oatmeal and apply it to your hair. Using a shower cap, let it sit on your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. When done, you can rinse thoroughly. Not only can oatmeal make your hair look less greasy, it can also help to reduce any type of irritation that you are feeling at the scalp.

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