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Understanding Anxiety

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Stress is a normal part of life and our body responds to it through anxiety, that feeling of apprehension and fear of not knowing what’s to come next. We all experience it an one point or another, but if it lasts for a longer time, like let’s say more than 6 months and is already affecting your everyday life, you may already be suffering from anxiety disorder.

Who is more prone to it?

Anxiety order does not choose anyone in particular, and can affect anybody, regardless of the age. It is actually one of the most commonly known and experienced emotional disorder. In fact, 18% of the USA’s total population or around 40 million adults are suffering from anxiety disorder.

If you’re suffering from this condition, then you’re also more likely suffering from depression as well. Unfortunately for some, they resort to alcohol and drug abuse just so they’ll feel better and experience temporary relief from all the anxiety. However, this actually can worsen the condition, and the addiction may need to be treated first before addressing anxiety disorder.

What is it like?

There is no perfect description for how anxiety feels like. Some describe it as a feeling of standing in a building that’s crumbling, without any protection other than an umbrella. Or like riding a merry – go – round at 65mph and not slowing down. It may make your heart race or make you feel butterflies in your tummy, or at worst case scenario, make you experience panic, nightmares, and painful memories and thoughts that you can’t seem to control.

The difference between anxiety disorder and anxiety

Anxiety, as mentioned earlier, is normal especially when a person is undergoing great stress. May it be because of a job interview, taking a test, or making a move to a new place. It’s really unpleasant, but anxiety can be turned into a motivation to do your best and actually do better. Anxiety comes and goes, and is a normal part of life, and does not affect your everyday tasks.

Anxiety disorder on the other hand, gives you that constant and intense feeling of fear that can sometimes be debilitating. It can affect your life in big ways and even cause you to stop doing the things or hobbies that you usually enjoy. The disorder can even become worse enough that it will stop you from using the elevator or even leaving the comforts of your home and go out to have fun.

If you think you’re already suffering from anxiety disorder, you may want to see a doctor so you can deal with it while anxiety disorder is still at its early stages.


Anxiety disorder can be addressed with proper psychotherapy or medication, or even a combination of the two. It’s of great importance that anxiety disorder should not be taken lightly and should be considered as an illness that is treatable with the right medication. Although this doesn’t guarantee a complete cure for the disorder, but it can control the symptoms and help the patient live a normal and better life.

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